Angry Haiku

So freaking tired.

Why do kids wake up early?

Give them sleeping pills!

Kyle R

Another Morning

To the Job I Truly Loathe

Just for Thirty K

Luis L

Wet, wet bathroom rug

Do you even use a towel?

I just don’t get it

Mike M.

What was I thinking

Looking back, you disgust me

I never came once

can’t be a porn star

dick curves like a banana

forever alone


once, i was a jock

now my scotums in my sock

lost hair found in ears


Dumbass manager

Fucking things up once again

You are why I drink


Just stand somewhere else.

I will kick you in the back

to clear the door-way.

J aka Subways or Anywhere

This shit is not free

pay for it you cocksucking

Senior Discount fuck.


Fuck you cunting fuck

Why does it hurt when i piss

my cock is on fire